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RoadieTM Pet Restraint System

Keep you pet safe and sound while you travel.

Pets are great companions in life and on the road. But they can get awfully excited at other drivers and their pets. Even the best trained dog often can't resist chasing a squirrel as it prances across someone's yard. To keep your pet safely in his seat, use the Roadie Restraint.

rodie pet restraint system The Roadie was designed to hold your dog still without causing him any discomfort. Unlike choke chains or collars, the Roadie applies pressure evenly across the chest and shoulders when your animal pulls against it. The Roadie was recently rated "Best Canine Restraint" by a leading University Veterinary School.

The Roadie attaches to any vehicle's seat belt so your pet can ride shotgun if you like. In the event of an accident, the Roadie would protect your animal in the same way a seatbelt protects you. The harness' strength exceeds the 5,000 strength standard for a human seat belt.

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The three-position lead allows you to give your dog more freedom to move. This feature is especially helpful for transporting your dog in a truck bed. Add a leash for additional freedom, or to walk your dog.

The Roadie can be washed off easily and is simple to install and remove. The harness is available in sizes 1 to 9 to fit any breed. Consult the chart below to see what size your dog needs.

To keep your seat clean while your pet is along for the ride, get a Pet Pad Seat Cover/Protector. It catches accidents and prevents tears in your upholstery.

With the Roadie, your dog will stay securely in his seat so you can concentrate on getting to your destination safely.
rodie pet restraint system

  • Harness attaches to any vehicle seat belt, and can be used in pickup beds.
  • Designed for the dog's comfort, NOT a collar-type restraint that can choke and irritate. The harness applies even pressure over the chest and shoulders.
  • Exceeds S.A.E. strength standards of 5,000 lbs. for a human seat belt. Helps prevent injury to dog and vehicle occupants in case of a crash.
  • Three-position lead allows you to control the amount of movement the dog has inside the vehicle.
  • Harness lead allows dog to be walked, and you can add a leash for even more movement.
  • Construction strength far exceeds any other unit currently available.
  • Easy to put on and remove. Easy to clean.