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DRYPAC moisture control wherever you need it Protection for your moisture ills

DRYPAC will absorb moisture inside your stored car, truck and RV to prevent mold or mildew formation. It guard against humidity, condensation and sweating.

DRYPAC is easy to use and is a money saver. After storage there will be No mold/mildew to clean up, nor rusty interior pieces to repair and paint; no corroded electrical terminals to fix.

DRYPAC stays dry to the touch, is non-corrosive, is not toxic and can be placed safely on any surface.

DRYPAC shields clocks, instrument gauges, and all electrical components from unseen internal rusting! This is also true in heated areas.

DRYPAC saves you money since it can be regenerated in your oven up to three times! Lasts for years.

DRYPAC comes with a 365 day Unconditional Money-back Guarantee. That is 1 year!"DRYPAC prevents the formation of mold/mildew; stops the rusting of all metals, and shields the instrument gauges from corrosion"
- National Street Rod Assoc.

DRYPAC absorbs the moisture inside Your stored car, truck or RV to Prevent mold/mildew formation.DRYPAC is a dehumidifier without electricity that prevents your vehicle's interior chrome from oxidizing. DRYPAC stop damage due to humidity in your airplane.
 DRYPAC absorbs moisture to the interior of your boat dry during storage. 
DRYPAC for Vehicles

The DryPac bag will act as a dehumidifier without electricity to keep you car, plane or boat's interior and compartments completely dry! The moisture in the vehicles will absorb into the DryPac bag and will not be available to support the growth of molds. The interior will remain at a safe
DryPac keeps the interior at a safe 35% relative humidity. (same levels archives are stored at.
DRYPAC keeps your belongings "moisture free"DRYPAC prevents rusting gun barrels.DryPac halts moisture from damaging delicate electrical components of photography equipment.

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Excellent customer service and support are available for you.For further information please email us at or call 1-800-950-2210.