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Cycle-Shield will Protect your Bike from All Rust and Corrosion in one Simple Step, Guaranteed!

Cycle-shield is the Ultimate Way to protect your motorcycle during any extended storage period. This revolutionary product will save you a considerable amount of money and countless hours of cleaning. The Cycle-Shield system will simply guard your motorcycle from damage due to condensation, humidity, salt, dust, mice, and all other insects or rodents.

This unique system is available with an optional sturdy PVC frame along with a heavy duty Plastic enclosure. This physical barrier will seal in your cycle and keep out all the undesirable environmental affects that may cause damage. Each kit comes complete with a clear protect shield, six pounds of DryPac, indicator bag, solid wood pad for the kick stand and sealing mechanism to make shield airtight. The Dry Pac will effectively remove any moisture due to humidity or residual engine condensation. By the addition of an indicator bag, you can rest assured that the environment inside the enclosure will remain at the optimal conditions for storage of your motorcycle.
Sturdy Bottom Base Frame

The Inside Kit (IK)

Our most popular kit! Inside Kit will fit all types of motorcycles, snowmobiles, and jet skis and is conveniently transparent to allow easy identification of the item stored.

The long-lasting, thick (nearly 8 mil) soft SHIELD is easy to use. It stands 5 1/2 feet and 4 feet wide when the SHIELD is wide open, and conforms to your bike when closed.

Click here to see how experts are recommending to protect your Bike!

After short or long term storage, you will save time and money because there will be:
  • No dusting, washing or rewaxing
  • No pitted/tarnished chrome pieces
  • No water in the gas tank or fuel system
  • No rusty disc brakes or frame parts
  • No corroded instrument gauges, terminals, or ignition pieces
  • No dry rotting to tires or rubber parts
  • No fading paint, scratches, or mars
  • No mice, birds, or insect damage

Don't Let This Happen to your Bike!
Dust and PollutionCondensation and HumidityMold/Mildew growth
Cycle-Shield is a clean, dehumidified, climate controlled enclosed cover with a bottom.
This Enclosed Cover is less expensive and provides far better protection than a cover because it even protects the underside. Six pounds of DryPac is included to keep your bike completely dry. The Cycle-Shield can be used year round because it is also compatible for you snowmobile or Jet Ski.
Reusable will last for Years!

DryPac halts moisture and can prevent rusting. It comes with each kit or can be ordered separately. Can be regenerated and used again. We are so sure you will be satisfied with our product we offer a full guarantee.

Excellent customer service and support are available for you. For further information please email us at or call 1-800-950-2210.
Cycle-Shield comes with a 365 day Unconditional Money-back Guarantee. That is 1 year!
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