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The Best Kept Secrets Are Here!!!

The Best Kept Secrets Are Here!

We offer a wide selection of fabrics, to allow you to select the best cover and value for your vehicle's protection needs. Backed by the best price best service guarantee, we offer you different fabrics for different levels of protection performance even focusing on protection from a specific element, like intense sun exposure or dust. Our range of fabrics is based on experience in protecting vehicles since 1990. You can have an indoor or outdoor cover for almost every vehicle made. We have over 50,000 listings in the computerized pattern library and add new patterns every week.

Our covers take into consideration factors as weather conditions, ease-of-use, paint protection and resistance to water, sun and wind. Covers are made for everything from kit cars to motorhomes along with made-to-dimension patterns. We have exactly what enthusiasts seek for their cars, trucks, sport utility vehicle, hot rods, motorcycle, recreational vehicle, boat, all terrain vehicle, watercraft, scooters, and snowmobile .

Select by Type
custom_car_cover Indoor Custom Covers
These covers are designed to protect vehicles that are cleaned and pampered.
indoor_semi_custom_cover Indoor Semi-Custom Cover
These covers are designed to provide a very good fit using incremental sizing.
Outdoor Custom Covers
A more "perfect fit" for the pride and joy needing protection from nasty outside elements.
Outdoor Semi-Custom Cover
Help protect your vehicle's interior and finish from outside elements.
Select by Vehicle Type
Hot Rod
Specialty Covers
custom_car_cover Custom Cab Coolers
Cool and protect your SUV's and pickup's cockpit area with easy to use custom Cab Coolers.
indoor_semi_custom_cover Interior Covers
Easy to use protection for convertibles when the top is down.
Custom Fit Cab Cover
A great way to protect to protect the pickup cab area from heat, sun, and snow.
Hard Top Covers
Customer tailored to protect the inside and outside of the hardtop when it is not in use.
Select by Brand
As pioneers in the industry, Covercraft maintains the highest standards, utilizes the finest materials and has exactly what automotive enthusiasts seek in a car cover.
As a leader, Wolf has the covers you want while being dedicated to providing you with the best value they can offer.