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Auto-Shield is the Experts Choice for Storage. Protect your Car from Rust, Corrosion, Mildew and Damage!

Protect your vehicle and preserve your investment; Auto-Shield will guard against the harmful effects of corrosive causing moisture during periods of extended storage.

Auto-Shield is designed to become an enclosed humidity controlled environment for both long and short-term storage of vintage and special vehicles. By using Auto-Shield , you are assured your car or truck will come out is the same condition as when it went in. This system will be a barrier against dust, moisture, rust, mildew and pests. Because this storage system is manufactured with a thick almost 8 mil plastic it is durable and can be reused year after year. Unlike a regular car cover, Auto-Shield will fully enclose the vehicle, providing protection to the entire car, even the underside of the car.

Auto-Shield ...
  • Is a square, airtight, durable, soft enclosed cover with a non- breathable bottom;
  • Is easy to use and 8 mil thick;
  • Stands 6 feet tall and 9 feet wide when the Shield is wide open, conforms to car when closed (also available with easy entrance frame option);
  • Locks out pests, dust, and moisture;
  • Stops dry rotting of tires and all rubber pieces;
  • Prevents UV rays from damaging the finish;
  • Prevents tarnishing and pitting of chrome;
  • 100% Waterproof;
  • Is soft, lightweight and friendly to your finish.

Auto-Shield is available as a garage type - Easy Entrance framed kit, or as in inside kit that will protect your vehicle with a soft enclosed cover. With the addition of DRYPAC your vehicle will be kept completely dry. The air around your car or truck will remain at a safe 35% humidity level, the same lever used by archives. All kits come shipped complete with 8 mil plastic enclosure, protective, nine pounds of DRYPAC, DRYPAC indicator, an air tight sealing mechanism- heavy duty clamps to secure the opening.

With the Easy Entrance Frame option 1¼" furniture grade PVC tubing is used to construct the support for the Auto-Shield. Frames are available at a height of 5½', and lengths 15' and 18'. For maximum stability you may choose the bottom frame kit that has bottom tubing to connect all the legs together, or the standard frame, which includes smooth caps on the base of each leg. Either way this storage container will allow one person to easily store their vehicle. Also the Easy Entrance Frame is a great option for owners who prefer to store their vehicles between summer rides.
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Each Kit Includes:
  • A clear protective 8 mil SHIELD
  • Sealing mechanism - airtight
  • 9 Pounds of reusable DRYPAC
  • A DRYPAC indicator bag
Each order comes with a whopping 9 lbs of DRYPAC to keep the humidity at 35%.

The Indicator bag is included to tell you when you need to regenerate the DRYPAC in your oven.

All Auto-Shield kits will prevent the rusting of your vehicles underside and all components.

Auto-Shield will prevent rust, dust and pitting. Click here to see how Auto-Shield can save you money in costly repairs.
"The absolute best (storage) system around is made by B.W. Inc."
    Land Rover owner - for more testimonials click here